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In Blackest of Hate

1. RAVENCULT "Sacrilege of Death" from the album, "Morbid Blood" Hell's Headbangers
2. AOSOTH "Ashes of Angels" from the album, "Ashes of Angels" Agonia Records
3. INFESTUS "Down Sprial Depersonification" from the album, "Ex|Ist" Debemur Morti Productions
4. PTAHIL "Universal Extinction" from the album, "Anti-Flesh Existence" Stronghold Records
5. HAEIRESIS "Hallowed but Hollow" from the album, "Transparent Vibrant Shadows" Inferna Profundus Records
6. SATURNALIA TEMPLE "Sitra Ahra Ruled Solitary Before Creation" from the album, "Aion of Drakon" Ajna Offensive
7. TEMPLE OF BAAL "Dead Cult" from the album, "Lightslaying Rituals" Agonia Records
8. GOATPENIS "Machine Voidness" from the album, "Inhumanization" Die Todes Rune Records
9. CULTES DES GHOULES "The Covenant and the Sacrifice" from the album, "Haxan" Hell's Headbangers
10. HRZIG "Angercraft" from the album, "Anthems to Decrepitude" Moribund Records

IN BLACKEST OF HATE MAGAZINE at Beyond the Dark Horizon


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