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Label Support Without the Label

Just say no to labels


Our music services provide a solution for established and growing metal bands desiring more control over their music. Our music services solution eliminates the need for a traditional record deal, yet provides the leveraging power and access to platforms used by traditional labels. Our services provide a full spectrum of support including merchandise and music manufacturing capabilities, strategic sales and marketing programs, art services, world-class digital distribution and physical distribution, and more. Our music services can offer artists greater revenues and profits than any label can, no long-term contracts, control of your music and access to industry leads not typically accessible by bands.


For decades, bands have relied on record labels to provide them with the leverage necessary to make their band a success. As a result, labels have often taken advantage of artists because of this need. However, changes in the music industry are showcasing how antiquated this model of business is. Many artists are applying a "DIY" (do it yourself) approach. This is where Metalhit can step in, provide all of the resources necessary and allow the band to focus on what they do best: creating music. Metalhit recognizes that bands are the origin of all income in the business of music, and as such, they ought to be the most rewarded as well. Our model supports this philosophy and we trust fans who want to support their favorite artists (and not a label) will back all those bands participating within the Metalhit brand.


Contact: Contact us and include a link where we will be able to preview your music. Please include a brief description of your music or any success you've experienced as a band (e.g., were you an opening act on a tour? Have you appeared on compilations?). We will get back in touch with you if we are interested in a partnership.

Consult: If accepted, we will get in touch to learn more about your music, what your vision for the future is and what you want to accomplish as a band.

Strategy: We will prepare a marketing, manufacturing and distribution strategy that best fits your band and its goals.

Investment: We will determine the costs involved in implementing the strategy and provide various options that will work in your favor.

Implement: Your album is manufactured, marketed and distributed in accord with our agreed upon strategy.


Metalhit has many of the resources in place that minor and major labels employ:

Manufacturing: We have established relationships with manufacturers who can produce our products at the best price and the best quality possible. Our manufacturing is scalable, from professional grade short-run productions to full-scale projects. Our brand retains a high quality standard on our productions, offering unique packaging options that catch attention and command respect.

Digital Distribution: As a digital distributor, we have the capability to successfully launch and distribute your album worldwide to more than 200+ digital music retailers online.

CD/Vinyl Distribution: Through our partnerships with MRI/Megaforce Records, Code 7 and others, we have the capability to launch an album through the same distribution channels that support major metal labels. Our distribution service is scalable and can support smaller releases as well, utilizing a variety of distribution resources at our disposal. Our reach goes beyond the USA/Canada to include all worldwide territories.

Marketing/PR: We have a variety of marketing possibilities at our disposal, ranging from our own proprietary network of media contacts to partnerships with various PR groups around the world that support extreme metal. We also have close relationships with ad agencies and media outlets that provision us with the best pricing and placement for our marketing campaigns. We also manage,, one of the leading extreme metal websites online.

Artwork: We maintain a consistent and professional image through our graphic services that support our marketing and manufacturing endeavors. Our design team is made up of experienced veteran metal artists who have worked for underground and major label metal bands alike.

Merchandise: We have access to the best rates on providing merchandising solutions for your band.

Recording/Mastering: We have access to quality recording studios and mastering services.

More Income for the Band: We provide a transparent process where the band can decide on a goal and see it realized from start-to-finish. We offer more flexibility than a traditional label with no long-term contracts and the ability for a band to own more of their musical rights and consequently more of their income as well.

In sum, Metalhit can provide guidance and immediate resources that a traditional "do it yourself" metal band would spend great expenses in time, energy and money to accomplish. For established artists, we can provide a system that will provide you with more control and more income for your work.



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